Barak Perelman composer

op.35 for Double bass ~16':hw ||score || recording  Eliot Burk double bass
op.34 unfinished ~11':hw ||score || new recording 
op.33 ~16':hw ||score || old recording  new recording 
op.31 ~75':hw ||score || recording: a b 
op.29 ~32':hw ||score || recording 
op.28 ~48': recording 
op.27 ~44':score || recording 
op.26 ~68':hw ||score || recording 
op.25 for Flute and piano:hw ||score 
op.24 for Clarinet and piano ~54':hw ||score || recording  Kathryn Wolfe clarinet
op.23 for Viola and piano ~51':hw ||score || recording  Jacob Adams viola
op.22 ~14':hw ||score || recording 
op.21 ~9':hw ||:score || recording 
op.20 ~11':hw | recording 
op.19 ~12':hw ||score || recording 
op.18 ~19':hw || recording 
op.17 ~13':hw || recording 
op.16 ~9':hw || recording 
op.15 ~20':hw || recording 
op.14 ~48':hw || recording 
op.13 ~72':hw || recording 
op.12 ~64':hw || recording 
op.11 ~42':hw || recording 
op.10 ~56':hw || recording 
op.9 ~44':hw || recording 
op.8 ~58':hw ||recording: no.1 no.2 
op.7 ~44':hw || recording 
op.6 ~65':hw || recording 
op.5 ~49':hw || recording 
op.4 ~51':hw || recording 
op.3 ~35':hw || recording 
op.2 ~37':hw ||score || recording 
op.1 ~48':hw || recording 
The Last Paintings ~35':hw ||score || recording 
Procession for Death of Mole King and 12 Paintings in His Memory ~50':hw || recording 
24 van Gogh Paintings ~50':hw || recording 
5 Early Paintings ~21':hw || recording 

Early music:
Study 2 Keyboards ~5': recording 

painting titled "Yellows (for Barak Perelman)" by Chris Villars

Eliot Burk composition: oboe, piano (for Barak Perelman) 

Kieran Daly recordings: op.19 || op.26 || op.33 

modbit radio recordings: modbit ||